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Frequently asked questions:
What is United States EMS tracking number?
EMS parcels, mails and shipments from United States have tracking number ending with 'US', for example, EE123456785US, RR123456785US and CP123456785US.
How to track EMS mail/shipments sent from United States?
Copy and paste your EMS tracking number to search field above or use United States Postal Service/EMS site.
How to track EMS sent to United States?
Use your EMS tracking number, click to "via destination country EMS site" link to select United States. Then use the link to track shipments.

United States Express mail operator

United States Postal Service/EMS

International Mail Processing Centres in United States


USANCA - AMC Anchorage AK (usps)

USAUZA - Aurora Bpost

USCHIA - AMC O'hare IL (usps)

USEWRA - AMC Newark NJ (usps)

USEWRY - AMC Newark NJ (usps)

USSEAA - AMC Seattle WA (usps)

USSEAE - AMC Seattle (usps)

USSEAF - AMC Seattle (usps)

USSEAI - AMC Seattle WA (usps)

USSEAK - AMC Seattle WA (usps)

USSEAS - AMC Seattle WA (usps)

USSEAY - AMC Seattle WA (usps)


USCHIC - Chicago

USCHID - Chicago D LA Poste FR

USCHIE - Chicago E

USCHIP - Chicago

USCHIS - Chicago S

USNYCA - Church ST NEW York (usps)

USORDL - Chicago GM Etoe

USUAKA - Carlstadt, Mauritius Post LTD


USDESZ - DES Plaines IL Etoe


USELPA - EL Paso TX (usps)

USELPY - EL Paso TX (usps)


USFMJV - Farmingdale

USJECA - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECC - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECD - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECE - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECF - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECG - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECI - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECK - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECM - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECS - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECT - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USJECY - Foreign Center Jersey City NJ 099

USNYCB - FDR Station NY (usps)

USUJDZ - Folcroft PI Etoe


USHLUZ - Hollis NY Etoe


USHNLY - ISC HNL Honolulu (usps)

USJFKA - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKC - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKD - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKE - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKF - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKG - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKH - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKI - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKK - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKM - ISC NEW York NY (usps)

USJFKY - ISC JFK NEW York (usps)

USLAXA - ISC LOS Angeles CA (usps)

USLAXE - ISC LOS Angeles CA (usps)

USLAXF - ISC LOS Angeles CA (usps)

USLAXI - ISC LOS Angeles CA (usps)

USLAXK - ISC LOS Angeles CA (usps)

USLAXY - ISC LAX LOS Angeles CA (usps)

USMIAA - ISC Miami FL (usps)

USMIAE - ISC Miami FL (usps)

USMIAF - ISC Miami FL (usps)

USMIAI - ISC Miami FL (usps)

USMIAK - ISC Miami FL (usps)

USMIAS - ISC Miami FL (usps)

USMIAY - ISC MIA Miami FL (usps)

USOAKA - ISF Oakland CA A (usps)

USOAKK - ISF Oakland CA (usps)

USOAKS - ISF Oakland CA (usps)

USOAKY - ISF Oakland CA (usps)

USORDA - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDB - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDE - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDF - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDG - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDI - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDK - ISC Chicago IL (usps)

USORDS - ISC Chicago IL S (usps)

USORDY - ISC ORD Chicago IL (usps)

USSFOA - ISC SAN Francisco (usps)

USSFOE - ISC SAN Francisco (usps)

USSFOF - ISC SAN Francisco (usps)

USSFOG - ISC SAN Francisco CA (usps)

USSFOH - ISC SAN Francisco (usps)

USSFOI - ISC SAN Francisco (usps)

USSFOK - ISC SAN Francisco (usps)

USSFOY - ISC SFO SAN Francisco (usps)


USJFKL - J F Kennedy APT

USJRIA - Jericho NEW York

USNYCD - JA Farley NY (usps)


USXHEM - Kearny Mtesc NJ (usps)



USLAXD - LOS Angeles LA Poste FR

USLAXL - LOS Angeles GM Etoe

USLAXS - LOS Angeles S

USLGAA - LA Guardia Airport NY (usps)

USLGAY - LA Guardia Airport NY (usps)



USMIAD - Miami D


USNYCC - Morgan Station NY (usps)

USNYCS - Morgan Station NY (usps)

USNYCY - Morgan Station NY (usps)

USONRA - Monroe NEW Jersey LA Poste FR


USDFWA - North Texas, Dallas, P&dc (usps)

USEWRB - Newark

USEWRD - Newark GM Etoe

USJECU - NEW Jersey U Emirates Post

USNYCK - NEW York NY (usps)


USHNLA - P&dc Honolulu HI 968 (usps)

USHNLB - P&dc Honolulu HI 968 (usps)

USHNLK - P&dc Honolulu HI 968 (usps)

USHNLS - P&dc Honolulu HI 968 (usps)

USPHLF - Philadelphia LA Poste (fr)

USSANA - P&dc SAN Diego CA 921 (usps)


USRBDZ - Redondo Beach, CA Etoe


USSFOS - SAN Francisco S

USSGVA - Sterling Bpost

USUYKA - Secaucus Bpost

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