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Frequently asked questions:
What is container number?
Container number consists of four-letters owner code, six-digits serial number and a check digit. For example, MSKU1234565. Owner code shows the company that owns the container; it is not necessary the company that does transportation. Checkdigit can be used to identify mistypes in the container number.
What is the reason to track and trace via both container owner and shipping company sites?
There is no reason for tracking via both sites at the same time. Often owner company ships own container. In this case, no need to select shipping company. Sometimes, other shipping company does transportation (for example, the container was leased/rented by shipping line). Then, the only way to track and trace is to select the company that ships this container.
How to track and trace if a container owner is a leasing company?
Leasing companies usually do not ship containers. To track and trace the container, check leasing company site and find lessee/customer for this specific container. Once transport company (lessee) is found, select this shipping company from the list for tracking.
What does it mean 'Shipping container number has correct format, but wrong check digit'?
Freight container number has a check digit that depends on owner code and serial number. If calculated checkdigit and checkdigit from container number differ, this indicates a mistype. Check container number and continue with corrected one.
Companies available for tracking by container number
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