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Frequently asked questions:
What is Bosnia And Herzegovina EMS tracking number?
EMS parcels, mails and shipments from Bosnia And Herzegovina have tracking number ending with 'BA', for example, EE123456785BA, RR123456785BA and CP123456785BA.
How to track EMS mail/shipments sent from Bosnia And Herzegovina?
Copy and paste your EMS tracking number to search field above or use BH Posta - EMS site.
How to track EMS sent to Bosnia And Herzegovina?
Use your EMS tracking number, click to "via destination country EMS site" link to select Bosnia And Herzegovina. Then use the link to track shipments.

Bosnia And Herzegovina Express mail operator

BH Posta - EMS

International Mail Processing Centres in Bosnia And Herzegovina


BASJJB - Bosnia NZ Forces


BASJJA - Sarajevo 71003

BASJJX - Sarajevo 1502 Aucon Eufor

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